Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Here's the exciting news about the new batch of UD110:

-Now it works on the windows 32/64 with native driver. (Plug and Play) !
-32khz sampling support removed.
-Removed Audio Control Panel that's provided in first batch of UD110. 
-For windows OS that is older than windows 8, 32-bits need to be enabled by audio streaming protocol like ASIO or wasapi.
-First Batch of UD110 is mod-able to support androids, we will announce the mod very soon if any of you like your UD110 to work on some android devices straightaway,
-There is no difference in performance within UD110 and UD110v2. 


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  2. hello stoner acoustics would like to buy one shipping to Honduras please email me

  3. How much to ship to New Zealand?

  4. I would like to buy one in Canada how much would it be?

  5. Hi, I would like to buy one in Ukraine how much would it be? Please email me.